Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute

June, July, August
PARI provides an array of learning experiences – from astronomy, physics and astrobiology (with the same equipment once used by NASA), to simulating space missions that teach leadership, teamwork, and STEM principles. Or you may choose an experience in robotics, sensors, artificial intelligence (AI); Cryptography and secret messages; computational thinking; 3D design/printing and more. PARI is located on a 200 acre historic NASA site, nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains, and provides a once in a lifestime exposure to science, outdoor adventure, leadership development, social comradery and fun!
Above & Beyond – explore astronomy, physics, and astrobiology
Operation Nebula – simulating space missions that teach leadership, teamwork and STEM principles
A Rover’s Journey – robotics, sensors, artificial intelligence (AI)
Astro Explorers – Computation thinking, 3D design and printing
Secrets of a Spy Station – learn about cryptography and create secret messages

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