• Power Kids "Move it and Groove it" Camp

    Power Kids “Move It and Groove it” Camp is all about the DANCE! Kids will enjoy learning different dancing from our Zumba and Hip Hop classes. Kids will also learn different exercises, stretching and more to help them be more powerful and expressive dancers. Kids will get to enjoy crafts centered all around MOVING IT […]

  • Power Kids "SPORTSMANIA" Camp

    Power Kids Fitness “SPORTSMANIA” multi-sport camp is designed to introduce young athletes to a variety of different sports in one setting. For this program we combine 2 -3 sports into one fun-filled camp. Athletes will learn the rules and essentials of each sport through skill-based games and scrimmages. By the end of the week, your […]

  • Power Kids "YOGA Love It" Camp

    Power Kids “YOGA Love It” is about gratitude and inner exploration of everything from Mindfulness, Yoga movements, and relaxation activities. We also include art, storytelling, journaling and more. We explore character education and values such as confidence, gratitude, healthy living, peace, respect, and allowing the kids to experience an independence, teamwork and self regulation relating […]

  • Power Kids HOME ALONE Camp

    Are you nervous about your little ones starting to stay “HOME ALONE” soon? Don’t worry this fitness camp is full of fun and safety lessons from some of the best (our police, fire and local public service providers). This camp is going to help teach children how to stay safe in the home while enjoying […]

  • School's Out For Summer Camp

    Power Kids Fitness is kicking off their summer with our “School’s Out For Summer Camp”. This camp offers a lot of fun with a little bit of everything we offer at PKF. Kids get to enjoy different fun activities like kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Empowerment, Zumba, boot-camps and more. Start address: Use geolocation Choose travel mode DRIVING […]

  • Summer Remix Adventure Camp at The Sunshine House

    At Summer Remix Adventure Camp at The Sunshine House, summer is all about diving into the world of imagination and entertainment – and living your dreams! Each week is full of new experiences and interesting field trips. Where else this summer will your child splash around a water park, create their own game show, star […]

  • The Sunshine House

    The Sunshine House gives preschoolers a solid foundation in the academic skills needed for kindergarten and beyond. The focus is on school readiness, social and emotional development, literacy, problem-solving and love and care. Spanish, literacy and school readiness programs are included in tuition. Photo and video updates with a free mobile app keeps parents connected […]

  • The Tutoring Center - Greer

    The Tutoring Center offers personalized, one-to-one tutoring in math, reading and writing for children in grades K- 12. “The Rotational Approach to Learning” helps students rapidly increase academic skills while increasing concentration span while having fun. Half Day Start address: Use geolocation Choose travel mode DRIVING BICYCLING TRANSIT ? Avoid Highways Avoid Tolls Get Directions